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Learning is easier with the right support.

Learning requires effort – a lot of effort.  It should.  Our brains and bodies are amazing and amazing things require a lot of work. Maybe you’re interested in learning a new skill but have no idea where to start. Maybe schoolwork feels overwhelming, especially when the education system isn’t designed for your brain, personality, or learning preferences. Maybe you have a learning disability or health concern to factor in. Maybe you’re a busy parent or grandparent who wants to enjoy the time you spend with your child rather than the painfully complete homework problems that leave everyone frustrated.


Whatever your circumstance, we get it. We’ve been there, and we’ve helped hundreds of clients just like you learn how to be successful at learning. At Eason Tutoring & Consulting, we specialize in one-on-one tutoring that’s effective and fun! – Well, we try to make it fun. Sometimes homework is just homework. So whether you’re looking to reclaim your GPA, your family’s time, or your peace, we’ve got just the service for you—and if we don’t, we’ll help you find it!

We aim to empower our clients with strategies and abilities to become successful, lifelong learners and thinkers. Our goal is to help you gain confidence as a problem-solver.


Jump in! How can we best partner together?
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Learn and master difficult concepts in a variety of subjects through private tutoring!

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Music Lessons

Develop a new skill or improve your current level with private voice, piano, or music theory lessons!

Academic Coaching​

Learn how to study well, edit your own work, practice note-taking, design an organization system for learning new or difficult topics, and more!


Whether you’re submitting an important application, preparing for a big test, or need an expert set of eyes on your work, we’ll make sure you’re as prepared and confident as possible!

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Editing Services

Have a writing assignment or project and want an outside reader’s perspective? We offer revision, editing, and proofreading packages!


We offer a range of prices and accept trade. Pricing decisions are based on meeting location, necessary preparation, travel time, and frequency. Our prices range from $25-$65/hr.

Please don’t let pricing stop you from contacting us! We will find a way to work with you!

We’re currently accepting trade in the following categories:

Errand-running/personal assistant | Dog-sitting | Food preparation | Power-washing | Landscaping | House cleaning | Organizational services | Car maintenance | Accounting services | Household repair | French lessons

Have a trade idea that’s not listed? We’d love to hear it!

Sounds great! How does it work?

The Process

Step 1: Get in touch!

Fill out our contact form, call or text us at (843) 619-2311, or send us an email at Tell us about yourself, your needs, and your goals! 

Step 2: Consultation Call

We’ll call you so we can get to know each other, answer any questions, and see if we’re a good fit to work together. We want to be able to genuinely help you succeed. If we can’t, we’ll do our best to refer you to a colleague who might be a better fit! 

Step 3: Let’s do this!

We’ll schedule your first session and send you more information via email to prepare for our time together.

Experienced Tutors | Chocolate Enthusiasts | Proud Nerds

We’re mother daughter team Carolyn and Jo Anna Eason, and if we’re being honest, tutoring and consulting have always been in the cards for us. We come from a family of educators, so it was only a matter of time before we decided to put our extensive experiences, backgrounds, and skills to work in our own family business. Nothing lights us up like connecting with our clients and helping them figure out what tools, methods, and learning styles help them achieve their goals. Because at the end of the day, it’s not about us: It’s about empowering you to get where you need to go! Ready to get started?

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